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Dry Cleaning: The process of using liquid chemicals (in place of water), agitation, emulsifiers and surfactants to clean water sensitive textiles.

Mountain Air Cleaners currently have two types of dry cleaning chemicals available: Petrol-based chemicals and Tetrachloride-based chemicals. Both are oil-based solvents to easily remove oil-based residue and not damage water sensitive textiles or threads.

Water-based stains and residue present a significant challenge in the dry cleaning process. Extensive testing for chemical reaction and stain solvability are necessary in order to avoid damage to the textile. Low moisture steam and a myriad of chemicals that have to be hand applied and removed before cleaning in order to correctly clean water sensitive textiles. The textile is then immersed in chemical fluid, and washed much like laundry to remove spotting chemical residue and remove any oil based stains.

The tricky part, but essential to protecting the environment, is to remove and reclaim the chemicals after immersion. This is done using drainage, extraction using “G” force and refrigerated reclamation that operates much like condensation on a tea glass in the summer. The chemicals are heated to vapor then run across a frozen coil that causes the vapor to return to liquid where it is extracted and returned to the system for filtration and reuse. Because of this process, harmful chemicals are not released into the environment.

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