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Southwest PPE

Southwest PPE is a new and very important division within our organization. We are fully verified to clean, inspect, repair and reconstruct personal protective ensembles. This includes nomex, kevlar or fire retardant based fabrics such as bunker or turnout gear.

Technical information:

Our PPE Care and Maintenance Facility is a 2600 square-foot facility on historic Oñate Street in Española. This facility primarily cleans and repairs the suits firefighters use to fight structural and proximity fires as well as forest and wild land fires. We are committed to improving the quality of safety of the equipment used by firefighters in our region and work with local firefighting entities to help them implement and maintain programs to keep their PPE gear in the best possible shape.

Please feel free to contact us directly to learn more about our PPE inspection, cleaning and repair program.

Española: 505-753-0660
Los Alamos: 505-662-5885
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